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5 helpful Tips for Creating Outdoor Dining Space 

In the summertime, dining al fresco at home is something sought after by many homeowners. However, it is not always easy to figure out what kind of space to create. As contractors, having unique ideas up your sleeve to present to customers can be a big selling factor in gaining a potential client. Here are just a few:  

Built-in seating: What is great about utilizing edges and walls in creating a built-in setup is, that you throw a table in front of it and it is dining space, but remove the table and you get a more open space where guests can still sit and converse but have room to move.  

Utilize what is already there: A big issue when dealing with backyards is finding space for everything one wants. If we look closely enough – there are clever ways to make things multifunctional. Such as a deck rail for safety that doubles as a high table for drinks!

Creative lighting: It is not always easy or accessible to create lighting outdoors. Light hangers built into outdoor dining tables are great for holding outdoor lights (Hint: Battery-powered lights or hanging lamps are perfect for spaces that lack electrical outlets).  

Privacy walls: Privacy is one thing many desire when dining with friends and loves ones, however, it is not always easy to achieve. Privacy walls allow a deck to feel more like a private patio and are a great place to have greenery and storage as well!  

Indoor/Outdoor: Indoor/outdoor space is also a great way to enjoy dining outside. A convertable window off of a kitchen makes for a perfect bar where guests can enjoy cocktails and appetizers while their host prepares dinner.  


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